Due to the effects and ease of transmission of the novel CoronaVirus, Bodoni Systems will be moving to a remote working environment as of tomorrow, Thursday 19th March 2020.

While we can do most things remotely this mean that some orders requiring physical processing may take slightly longer than normal to be shipped.

It may also be slightly harder to contact us via phone, as all calls will be forwarded to a single person. Therefore we would ask you to only call if absolutely necessary, preferring the following email addresses where possible;

orders@bodoni.co.uk  for sales orders or queries related to deliveries etc

accounts@bodoni.co.uk for invoice or payment queries

support@bodoni.co.uk for help with any solutions we’ve sold

The addresses above are received by numerous people, so you are more likely to get a quicker response than emailing your normal contact direct - who may not be able to respond.