pressSIGN Expert Training - pressSIGN printer certification

Bodoni appoints APTEC as exclusive pressSIGN Expert training and certification partner for Greater China.

Become a pressSIGN Expert

The first pressSIGN expert training course takes place in Hong Kong for 3 days on April 22nd. Act now as there are only a few places left.

APTEC is a non-profit organisation and part of the Hong Kong Printers Association and the leading independent supplier of Graphic Arts training in Greater China. APTEC is already the exclusive training partner for IDEAlliance® and G7® certification.

The APTEC Expert training program is a development of the program jointly developed by Bodoni and pressSIGN distributor Dah Bang, to enable printers and graphics arts professionals to demonstrate their competence in process control through the use of pressSIGN.

The 3 day course for pressSIGN experts covers all aspects of process control including viewing conditions, proofing, standard operating procedures, quality control of the press and the use of pressSIGN to maintain quality standards.

Attendees at the pressSIGN Expert training will receive a one month trial code for use during the course and when they return to their office or factory.

The training takes place in Chinese and is open to all pressSIGN dealers, users and graphic arts professionals. Please see the attached press release for more information of the program

To take part in the training visit APTEC’s web page or download the application form directly from here.

Become a pressSIGN certified printer

pressSIGN Offset Standard (pOS)is the official pressSIGN certification process.

pOS demonstrates to brand managers, print management companies and buyers that the printing company is able to produce consistent colour quality. More importantly buyers know they can receive a print production report demonstrating how the customer's own job was printed.

The pOS standard covers all aspects of the colour workflow for GRACol and ISO 12647-2.

For more information about APTEC and the work they do visit their web site.