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Bodoni Remote Technical SupportBodoni Remote Service can fix issues in a few moments without the need for an engineer at your premisesBodoni Remote Service allows us to take over any Mac or PC with internet access. A secure internet connection is quickly established and we can take over the desktop ..
On-site calibration and Profiling service where we visit your offices and calibrate any output devices you have. This includes presses, proofers, monitors, laser printers, inkjet printers, scanners and digital camerasBodoni expertise confirmedBodoni Systems are expert in setting up proofing devices ..
This service is FREE if you Buy an Epson Wide Format Printer from Bodoni SystemsThe Bodoni Systems Ltd Remote Profiling Kit is for anyone who wants an accurate profile created for their output devices. Currently, only RGB output devices are supported. This is because most CMYK devices run via a RIP...
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