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Brand: Barbieri
Barbieri LFP SpectrophotometerBarbieri LFP works seemlessly with all versions of pressSIGN 7.The Spectro LFP Series 3 is the most versatile transmission/reflection spectrophotometer ever. It is specially designed for automaticmeasurement of most different materials in large format, flatbed and indu..
Brand: Barbieri
Barbieri SpectroPad spectrophotometerThe Barbieri SpectroPad can be driven directly by all versions of pressSIGN 7. The portable professional spectrophotometer to measure most variety of different reflective media used in professional digital printing including large and wide format.Thanks to its ..
Brand: Barbieri
Barbieri Swing spectrophotometerThe Barbieri Swing works seemlessly with all versions of pressSIGN 7.Thanks to it's ability to measure transparent materials and to measure most different flexible media, the Spectro Swing is a very special and unique measurement device. It is the ideal measurement..
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