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The service includes:• Replacement of gear belts and brushes• General maintenance and reset of scan counter• Checking the bulbs and optics and testing of the scannerAdditional parts, including bulbs, are not included in the standard charge, and will be charged separatelyThe scanner should be deliver..
inkWIZE AutoCurves stand-aloneApply tonal value adjustments quickly and easily with inkWIZE the PDF workflow inkWIZE AutoCurves is available as an additional option to BodoniinkWIZEcolour server and ink saving solution or as a stand-alone application.AutoCurves works in conjunction wit..
This is an in-depth two day course on ISO 12647-2 for Print and Design. It covers all aspects of accurate colour printing and proofing and is recommended for any company trying to achieve ISO12646-2 certification.Who Should attend?The course is designed for production staff at printing and repro com..
On-site calibration and Profiling service where we visit your offices and calibrate any output devices you have. This includes presses, proofers, monitors, laser printers, inkjet printers, scanners and digital camerasBodoni expertise confirmedBodoni Systems are expert in setting up proofing devices ..
One day course on colour management and ICC profiling on-site with the course designed to meet the specific requirements of the client.The on-site colour management course follows the same basic structure as our office based course, but is adapted to the specific needs of the client. The course incl..
pressSIGN Offset Standard CertificationWhat ?The pressSIGN Offset Standard (pOS) certification demonstrates that organisations have the skills, equipment and knowledge to produce consistent colour quality, from file handling through to the final print. The pOS certification is based on the internat..
Untitled DocumentpressSIGN Global Print Management (GPM) pressSIGN Global Print Management uses the full power of the internet to connect printers with brand and quality managers around the world. Measure, control, monitor and evaluate the color printing process between locations anywhere in the wor..
This service is FREE if you Buy an Epson Wide Format Printer from Bodoni SystemsThe Bodoni Systems Ltd Remote Profiling Kit is for anyone who wants an accurate profile created for their output devices. Currently, only RGB output devices are supported. This is because most CMYK devices run via a RIP...
pressSIGN 10 Pro.pressSIGN-Pro is a G7® Certified System that measures, controls, monitors and evaluates the color printing process for litho, digital, flexo, gravure and digital.pressSIGN-Pro features a complete set of analysis tools to improve press and operator performance identifying issues of..
pressSIGN 10 standard edition - measures and controls the printing process.pressSIGN makes it easy to print to all the international printing standards - ISO 12647, GRACoL® G7®, SWOP, Japan Color. pressSIGN 8 is a GRACoL G7 Certified System. Create your own print standards based on any CMYK ICC prof..
pressSIGN 10 Print BuyerpressSIGN-PrintBuyer monitors and evaluates the color printing process for litho, digital, flexo, gravure and digital. pressSIGN-PrintBuyer provides an objective assessment of the printed sheet simply by reading a color bar.Create print standards based on internationally reco..
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