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ZePrA Smartlink Module

ZePrA Smartlink Module
ZePrA Smartlink Module
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ZePrA Smartlink Module

Smartlink Module is an additonal option for ZePrA

An additional highlight of ZePrA is the optional Smartlink module, whose intelligent mechanisms permit reliable colour conversion of all data. Instead of "normal" ICC colour conversion with device-dependent profiles, Smartlink generates a DeviceLink profile "on-the-fly", based on the output profiles involved and the rendering intent. ZePrA uses Smartlink Module not only for RGB-to-CMYK, but also for CMYK-to-CMYK, Grey-to-Grey, Grey-to-CMYK, and CMYK-to-Grey conversion.

Smartlink can be used for CMYK, RGB and Grey colour spaces 

Three different methods are available for configuring Smartlink:

In fully automatic mode, Smarlink is activated in ZePrA, and all required conversions are calculated in the background in the form of Device Link profiles based on the source and target colour spaces for RGB, CMYK and Grey.

It is also possible to use specific Device Link profile for certain conversions. Whenever these combinations of source and target profiles and rendering intents are detected, Smartlink will use the Device Link profiles that you have saved in a specific list. This option is especially interesting for all those customers who want to use their individual, perhaps edited Device Link profiles, such as the high-quality ZePrA Device Link Sets.

The third mode combines both options. First, ZePrA searches for appropriate Device Link profiles in your list. If no profiles are found, the required Device Links are generated in the background.