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ColorLogic ColorAnt (M)

ColorLogic ColorAnt (M)
ColorLogic ColorAnt (M)
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ColorAnt (M)

Intelligent analysis and optimization of measurement data in the creation and editing of ICC profiles.

ColorAnt is a software solution to analyse and improve data prior to processing and creating ICC profiles. There are many situations in which measurement data are not prepared correctly and therefore cause trouble when creating the ICC profiles. There could be reading errors from the instrument or print errors or other artefacts (e.g. inconsistent data) resulting in a less than perfect measurement data. ColorAnt is the perfect tool to optimize the measurement data and to intelligently average multiple data sets.

ColorAnt is available in 2 versions, M & L. The L includes Multicolour (CMYK+N),Editing and Chart creation - see the feature chart below.

ColorAnts Extensive tool box
Multiple tools like optical brightener correction,or tone value curve adaptation for various specifications (e.g. according to G7 or ISO), smoothing, error correction, white point adaptations, averaging and idealization of measurement data for standardization purposes are included. Additional analyzing, comparing, reporting and viewing features help in pin pointing potential sources of error with the tools to correct them.

Enhanced print production reliability
The quality of ICC profiles is dependant on the quality of the measurement data. ColorAnt's ability to analyse and optimise measurement data ensures higher quality profiles which in turn leads to better quality print.

The two screenshots demonstrate the smoothing of tone value curves (TVI) of a digital printer - original data without smoothing (left) and smoothed data (right).

Additional Screen shots

Feature Chart