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ColorLogic CoPrA M Printer Profiling RGB/CMYK/Gray

ColorLogic CoPrA M Printer Profiling RGB/CMYK/Gray
ColorLogic CoPrA M Printer Profiling RGB/CMYK/Gray
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CoPrA - The highest quality ICC profiling tool.

The CoPrA profiling suite begins here. Add further options as required for editing, DeviceLink CMYK/RGB/Gray creation, Save Ink creation and multi-colour option. Call +44 (0) 1923 220 530 for purchasing advice and the various bundle options.

Create the best ICC profiles for RGB, CMYK and Gray. See the list of features in CoPrA profiling software

  • File Conversion for RGB, CMYK, Gray and Lab
  • Application of DeviceLink profiles to an image
  • Application of ICC Profiles to an image

Reference and measurement data

  • Support for text files in ANSI IT8 format from any measurement instrument manufacturer
  • Full spectral data support
  • Support of colorometric
  • Extract of embedded measurement data from ICC profiles
  • Support of reference printing standards from FOGRA, GRACol, IdeaAlliance, IFRA etc.

Profiling options

  • Predefined presets for quick profile creation
  • Transfer of profile settings to other profiles
  • Optical brightener correction
  • Option of different ICC formats
  • Automatic profile size determination
  • Manual profile size adjustment

Rendering methods for perceptual

  • Standard compression
  • Absolute compression
  • Blackpoint compensation
  • Amend chroma of in gamut colours

Black generation modes

  • Automatic black generation based on the measurement data
  • Full GCR control and GCR-max settings
  • UCR
  • Minimum and maximum black with control of width and start

Black point calculation methods

  • Automatic determination of the best TAC and maximum black values from the measurements
  • Calculation of neutral CMY values based on the TAC and restraints
  • Custom CMYK values for the black point
  • TAC entry
  • Maximum black entry

CoPrA ICC profiling includes ColorAnt. For more details on ColorAnt see our web page.

Download PDF here