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ColorLogic CoPrA Save Ink Module

ColorLogic CoPrA Save Ink Module
ColorLogic CoPrA Save Ink Module
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CoPrA Save Ink Module

CoPrA Save Ink tool is part of the CoPrA suite of profiling tools and options. It is a standalone package but is also available as part of a CoPrA bundle which includes ICC profile creation, DeviceLink creation and multi-colour options. Call +44 (0) 1923 220 530 for purchasing advice and the configuration of the correct suite of CoPrA products for your needs.

The CoPrA Save Ink DeviceLink tool works seemlessly with all other CoPrA products and Bodoni's ZePrA colour server.

CoPrA DeviceLink creation tools includes the following features

File Conversion

  • File Conversion for RGB, CMYK, Gray and Lab
  • Application of DeviceLink profiles to an image
  • Application of ICC Profiles to an image

Device Link Profile Creation from ICC profiles

  • CMYK to CMYK
  • Use of optional correction profiles

Profiling options

  • Predefined presets for quick profile creation
  • Transfer of profile settings to other profiles
  • Optical brightener correction
  • Option of different ICC formats
  • Automatic profile size determination
  • Manual profile size adjustment

Rendering methods for perceptual

  • Standard compression
  • Absolute compression
  • Blackpoint compensation
  • Dynamic compression
  • Usage of four standard rendering intents
  • Mixing of two different rendering intents
  • Amend chroma of in gamut colours

Black generation modes

  • Maximum Black
  • Full GCR control and GCR-max settings
  • UCR
  • Minimum and maximum black with control of width and start
  • Save Ink calculation method
  • Ink saving slider
  • Preserve 0% black when preserving separation

Selectable exception rules

  • Calculation method linearisation
  • Calculation method optimisation
  • Preservation 100% black
  • Preservation of white
  • Preservation of grey axis
  • Preservation of duplex (K+1)
  • Preservation of triplex (K+2)
  • Preservation of primary colour gradations
  • Preservation of secondary colour gradations
  • Selective preservation of primary and secondary colour gradations
  • Preservation of 400% colour
  • Preservation of 100% CMY
  • Preservation of 100% RGB
  • Adjsutable range slider for exceptions
  • Adjustable range slider for the black control area
  • Retention of black overprinting

Black point calculation methods

  • Determination of TAC from the target profile
  • Determination of maximum black from the target profile
  • Automatic determination of the best TAC and maximum black values from the measurements
  • Calculation of neutral CMY values based on the TAC and restraints
  • Custom CMYK values for the black point
  • TAC entry
  • Maximum black entry

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