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InkZone Loop
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InkZone Loop: Closed looping software

The launch of InkZone Loop puts a manufacturer-independent online solution for digital control of offset presses onto the market for the first time ever. Supported by measurement technology, InkZone Loop enables the automatic measurement and evaluation of control strips, as well as the continuous transmission of computed correction values directly to the press. InkZone Loop uses Digital Information's tried and trusted interface connections to a most sheet-fed and web presses.

InkZone Loop supports measuring systems from a wide range of manufacturers. Colour values on the sheet containing the printing control strip are measured in a matter of seconds, and can be visualized in IZ Loop.Using saved data, the printer immediately recognizes the ink zone where the colour is wrong. In addition to density, InkZone Loop evaluates other factors like dot gain, slur, etc.inkzonePer1

Naturally, as well as functioning with CMYK, InkZone Loop supports any spot color. All these functions combine several production steps that used to be carried out manually. InkZone Loop thus comes with a huge increase in efficiency. As press runs get shorter reducing make-ready times becomes even more important.

InkZone Loop generates a record of the measured color data and thus assists with repeat runs. Naturally, the record also aids compliance with international quality standards.

...and regulate
By comparing actual measured values with reference data, e.g. ISO 12647 data, IZ Loop computes correction values for the press. Transmission of the data to the console is through Digital Information's connectivity solutions (priced separately - call for a quote). Not only are make-ready times dramatically improved but there is much greater consistency throughout the print run.

inkzonePer2Preset the press and get more from InkZone Loop
The better the presetting of the ink ducts prior to starting the job, the more efficient the closed loop! We recommend InkZone Perfect as the way to ensure the press is running up-to-speed in the shortest possible time. 

Ready for the print run in record time
The combination of control, measurement technology and workflow interface is unique. With InkZone Loop, the printing house saves time and cuts down on waste. Reference values are attained faster, and it’s easier to keep them within narrow limits. InkZone Loop enables set-ups in record time, even with offset machines from the previous millennium. It’s the perfect way to protect investments in existing installations. InkZone Loop – the latest update for your offset press!

What to do next?
Providing the right solution for each customer usually involves a site visit and discussion. If you would like further information about our economical closed loop solution then please call 01923 220530 or send us an email.

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