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DJET Double-sided printing for Epson SureColor T7200 Series

DJET Double-sided printing for Epson SureColor T7200 Series
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DJET Double-sided printing for Epson SureColor T7200 Series
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Digital Information Pre-Proofer for Epson SC-T7200 - Double-sided proofing on Epson Printers
The Preproofer for Epson produces double-sided proofs fully automatically. The system is based on the Epson SureColor T7200 printer, enabling print paper widths of up to 1110 mm (44’’) to be printed (Printers are priced separately). Data management and control is handled by the DI-Plot software package.

High quality with less time and lower costs
The Pre-proofer uses Epson's leading inkjet technology and a simple design concept to ensure that the production of double-sided proofs is quick and efficient, and that output quality is high. Two Epson printers are arranged one above the other on a stable platform, linked by a paper guide unit running from top to bottom.

Printing of the front takes place off rolls with a sixty-metre capacity. The paper is automatically cut and, falling under its own weight, reaches the lower printer via the guide unit. The sheet is automatically fed to the second printer for printing the back in register.

The 15 cm (6’’) diameter roll cores stop the paper curling at the end of the roll. The media is specially produced for this core.

The Preproofer for Epson produces up to 16 double-sided printed proofs per hour in 4up or 8up format.

Faster printing, minimum ink consumption
The Preproofers for Epson harnesses the unique strengths of Epsons MicroPiezo printing heads. The technology is based on the drop-on-demand concept and enables precision control of the size, shape and positioning of the ink droplets on the substrate. This leads on the one hand to brilliant printing results, and on the other hand, thanks to the option to vary droplet size according to the subject, to a much faster printing process plus significant savings in ink. The Epson SureColor T series printers have a four colour printing engine with separate ink cartridges and a resolution range between 360 and 1440 dpi.

Simple data handling with DI-Plot
The Preproofer for Epson is controlled by the DI-Plot proof software, which is already operating in more than two thousand installations.

DI-Plot accepts ROOM data (rip once, output many) from almost any workflow. Not only 1-Bit-Tiffs, Delta lists, CT/LW and files in Epson ESC/P plotter format, but also Apogee, Prinergy, Prinect, Harlequin Rips, etc. are all part of this high-performance software’s repertoire. DI-Plot runs on the Windows platform. Connection to the printers is via ethrnet ports for data transfer and printer control. synchronisation of the two printers is secured by special electronic circuitry integrated into the system.

Individual profiles can be produced for the Preproofer in addition to the ICC profiles already included in the delivery. The processing of complete printer data in the Epson language allows connection to any workflow or any proof-rip as long as it supports the SC-T7200. DI-Plot offers options for controlling further output systems and calculating InkZone and CIP3 data for presetting ink zones on offset printing machines.

Added value with high potential savings
The Preproofers simplify and accelerate proof production under economical conditions. The comparatively low investment and high potential savings means that they pay for themselves in less than one year. At present many printing houses are today already employ an Epson Stylus Pro printer. By upgrading to the Preproofer, substantial value can be added to these existing printers so their productivity will be far greater.