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EFI XF Color Profiler Option

EFI XF Color Profiler Option
EFI XF Color Profiler Option
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EFI XF Color Profiler Option

To reduce rework and reprints for maximum profitability and customer satisfaction, you need a colour management solution that delivers colour precision, even for novice operators. And it needs to ensure consistent colour reproduction over time.

Fiery® XF Color Profiler Option does all that and more, with the ability to produce custom ICC colour profi les you can quickly and easily meet and exceed customer expectations for colour precision and consistency. The comprehensive tools boost the performance of your Fiery XF-driven printer with the most advanced colour management tools available, integrated at every stage of the printing workfl ow to ensure that your colour reproduction is always the best possible.


• Accuracy and Consistency
• Lets you create and visualise ICC profiles with complete control
• Allows you to re-print complete jobs or single elements with the same visual appearance as the first run
• Boosts the performance of inkjet production or proofing printer
• Removes the need for time-consuming trial and error colour correction or complicated device link profiles
• Puts all the tools at an operator's fingertips to diagnose profile problems, compare gamuts, optimise and edit profiles

Support for a wide range of spectrophotometers

For details on Bodoni Systems on-site profiling service click here

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