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17" Epson SpectroProofer ILS-30

17" Epson SpectroProofer ILS-30
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17" Epson SpectroProofer ILS-30
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  • Dimensions: 82.00cm x 41.00cm x 40.00cm


Epson SpectroProofer ILS-30 (M1) for 17" printers allows for automatic colour certification and calibration to produce high-quality remote proofs.

This inline spectrophotometer, developed jointly with X-Rite, ensures consistent, repeatable colour accuracy when using different media, rapidly measuring control strips and colour charts when creating ICC profiles and print verification results. The new SpectroProofer models support the M1 measurement illumination standard.

Supported by Stylus Pro 4900 and SureColor P5000 printers