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X-Rite i1 iSiS automatic colour chart reader V2 - A4

X-Rite i1 iSiS automatic colour chart reader V2 -  A4
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X-Rite i1 iSiS automatic colour chart reader V2 - A4
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X-Rite Eye-One iSis automatic chart reader A4

Automatic chart reader line for production environments like High End Proofing, Remote Proofing, Digital Printing, Photo Processing and Fine Art Printing, where speed, accuracy and ease-of-use are essential. Eye-One iSis offers unique switch able UV Illumination to capture No-filter and UV-Cut filter data in a single measurement process.

Users simply feed the chart into the device and our unique visual chart recognition system automatically detects and aligns accordingly. With the XL size version there is no need to cut large test charts or print on multiple pages.

Eye-One iSis Standard provides the ability to scan chart sizes a with paper width of 6 to 23 cm (2.4 to 9 inches (A4+, Letter). Paper length: 17 to 66 cm (6.7 in. to 26 in.) A3+ version of iSis also available.

Do you need an automated chart reader?
You do if you:
• Create more than two profiles a week
• Linearize or recalibrate a device often
• Create profiles for a team, group or company
• Need to read very large charts or numbers of patches
• Need to measure charts in a multicolor environment
• Need to average measurements for a press or digital press
• Want to automate your color profiling process
• Have inexperienced users measuring color

Eye-One TecnologyiSis is based on the same technology as the award-winning Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer. It’s a perfect complement to the Eye-One family of solutions, especially high-end applications like professional photo and proofing where consistency of measurements from instrument to instrument is mission critical.

If you already own an Eye-One then you find the X-rite iO table a better option. The iO table allows you to add your Eye-One to a robotic arm that will automatically read your charts as quickly as the iSiS. For further details of the iOtable.

The X-Rite iSiS interfaces with ProfileMaker 5 and MonacoPROFILER

For detailed specifications download the pdf file at the top of the page.

Download PDF here