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ZePrA Basic with Expert DL Profiles

ZePrA Basic with Expert DL Profiles
ZePrA Basic with Expert DL Profiles
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ZePrA Basic with Expert DL Profiles is unrivalled software for reducing ink consumption whilst maintaining colour integrity.

ZePrA is a colour server solution that uses high quality Device Link profiles to convert from RGB and CMYK colour spaces to CMYK and reduces overall ink consumption.

ZePrA is simple to set up, easy to use and saves money in more ways than just lowering ink bills. ZePrA users can expect average ink savings of 25%, but will also see savings due to improved make-ready, faster drying and faster running speeds for the press.

ZePrA uses the latest Device Link and GCR technologies in a PDF hot folder workflow. ZePrA converts files to a standard printing condition such as FOGRA 39L (ISOCoatedv2) and reduces total ink coverage in one operation that takes seconds.

ZePrA is a modular product that allows you to add MultiColor, Gradation and Smartlink as future add-ons.

Save up to 60% of ink costs
Badly prepared files by designers and pre-press professionals cost printers thousands of pounds everyday. ZePrA automated workflow removes these hidden costs and makes the printing process easier. PDF files that pass through the ZePrA server are converted to the ideal printing condition and unnecessary ink coverage is removed from the separations, leaving a stronger black plate but much weaker CMY plates. Throughout the process the colour appearance of the file remains intact with a slightly better contrast.

The latest version of ZePrA shows you how much ink you are saving.

Faster running times with ZePrA
Reduced excess ink coverage enables the press to run faster due to the elimination of tack issues such as picking, piling, poor trapping, back trapping and the associated wash-up delays. This loss of productivity is a cost to the business that is unrecoverable from the customer and so comes straight off the bottom line. ZePrA running as part of the workflow eliminates these issues.

Faster Make-Ready
Less ink makes duct adjustments more responsive in both closed-loop and manual set-ups. The operator will hit the perfect OK sheet that much faster and this gives additional savings in wastage and time.

Faster drying
ZePrA reduced TAC requires less spray powder, decreases drying times and rub problems again saving time and money.

File Standarization
In any busy print shop files arrive in a wide variety of conditions that need to be resolved. ZePrA will correct files containing RGB, the wrong or no associated ICC profile, spot color conversion. The result is PDF files that are print ready to industry standards all processed automatically at very high speed.  

How it works
ZePrA is simple to set up and easy to use. ZePrA comes with a choice of standard DeviceLink sets that cover most printing conditions and ink saving options, One click selects the desired DeviceLink and ZePrA auto-setup configures the rest. You are immediately ready to process PDF, JPEG or TIFF files. Specific settings for handling spot colours and PDF specific settings are easily configurable.

Speed matters
In any busy print shop no one wants to sit and wait for colour conversions to take place. ZePrA with its DeviceLink profiles is the world's fastest PDF colour server processing batch files in seconds. Due to the advanced algorithms within ZePrA users don't need a high spec super computer to run the program. ZePrA runs happily on a single processor 1Ghz processor, although faster processors will improve performance.

Download this PDF for a comprehensive view of the ZePrA feature set.

What you get
ZePrA expert edition includes

  • ZePrA server application
  • ZePrA Expert Device Link Set.

    All device link profiles available in the Expert Set are listed in this linked PDF

    Download the ZePrA manual to fully understand the software.

    ZePrA optional modules

    Multicolor option
    With the addition the MultiColor option, ZePrA can convert and optimize multicolor profiles. Printers interested in HexacChrome®, Opaltone® and other multicolor solutions will find this an extremely valuable option. Further details are available on a separate web page.

    Smartlink option

    Instead of "normal" ICC colour conversion with device-dependent profiles, Smartlink generates a DeviceLink profile "on-the-fly", based on the output profiles involved and the rendering intent. ZePrA uses Smartlink not only for RGB-to-CMYK, but also for CMYK-to-CMYK, Grey-to-Grey, Grey-to-CMYK, and CMYK-to-Grey conversion. For further details visit the web page

    Gradation option

    The Gradation option allows users to generate curves that can be applied to your files at the end of the conversion process, e.g. for fine-tuning to a specific printing process. Click here to find out more

    Supported Operating Systems
    PowerPC with OSX 10.3.9
    Intel - OSX 10.4 or later
    Windows XP (SP2 and SP3)
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7