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pressSIGN®-Trends Additional Client

pressSIGN®-Trends Additional Client
pressSIGN®-Trends Additional Client
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pressSIGN-Trends is FREE with every pressSIGN-Pro and pressSIGN Global Print Management (GPM) installation. Additional Trends clients can be added as optional extras.

In order to match any press target pre-press and press operators need to work together. pressSIGN-Trends is an additional client designed to operate from the production or pre-press office to control and monitor the production workflow.

Trends is connected to the multi-tasking database allowing users to see all jobs that are currently on press or previously printed.

pressSIGN (GPM) allows the Trends user to access printed from anywhere.

Control the production workflow with pressSIGN-Trends

A network connection between pressSIGN-Trends and clients running pressSIGN-Pro on Mac or Windows allows the pressSIGN-Trends administrator to set up jobs so they are press ready. Enter details about the job name, client, press target, paper, spot colors, run length etc, and assign the job to a press or operator. If necessary provide the operator with any instructions for the job.

With pressSIGN Trends pre-press managers can update plate curves when necessary without interrupting the work operation of the press.

Monitor jobs on press

From the pressSIGN-Trends workstation open jobs that have already printed or live jobs that are currently on press. Keep up-to-date, as the operator makes further press readings the data automatically appears in pressSIGN-Trends.

Trend Analysis

Compare the performance of operators, presses or shifts. See how efficient or wasteful they are. pressSIGN-Pro records make-ready times along with the run length. Is one press more productive than another? Import data from multiple jobs over any time period to make your reports and comparisons. pressSIGN-Trends helps in identifying benefits of different press consumables by comparing results before and after the change in blankets, rollers, ink paper etc.

Trouble shooting is much easier with pressSIGN-Trends. Use the 18 graphs in Trends to examine all aspects of a single job or the trends across multiple jobs.

Create and update tonal curves from Trends

pressSIGN-Trends allows the user to monitor all aspects of the print job including the TVI, 4CX or Neutral Print Density curves. If necessary tonal curves can be updated in pressSIGN-Trends without disturbing the operator.

Select readings where the CMYK colors are 100% within tolerance, from this selection choose readings with the best across the sheet consistency scores. Average these readings and then go to Export Reports and Curves and select the correct RIP workflow. Export the tonal adjustments and import them into the RIP.

This all takes place without interrupting production and uses confirmed accurate data.

pressSIGN-Trends v 9 Main features include:

  • Soft Proof from pressSIGN Trends
  • Access the pressSIGN-Pro database from anywhere on the network.
  • Open a job currently on press and see each reading as it happens.
  • See all pressSIGN-Pro views, summary, full sheet view, score trends view, value trends view  name=
  • Double click on any chart and make it floating and re-sizable, allowing a clear view of the data however many jobs or readings.
  • Generate measurement and production reports
  • Export adjustment curves to all supported RIP formats
  • Select and sort jobs by job name, score, press, operator, make-ready times client and more.
  • Create new standards, customize tolerances and scoring.
  • Search the pressSIGN database for existing readings and jobs by date, time, client, press, operator, make ready times, comments etc
  • Save searches for re-use
  • Sort jobs by name date, score, press, operator etc.
  • Import single or multiple jobs
  • Email reports directly from pressSIGN

.pressSIGN-Trends for production improvement

pressSIGN-Trends is the ideal companion for pressSIGN-Pro. The first copy of pressSIGN-Trends at each pressSIGN-Pro installation is FREE. Get in touch with your local dealer for the cost of further copies.

pressSIGN-Trends is designed for production directors and managers to allow them to monitor and control the production workflow and keep their clients and account managers informed.

pressSIGN-Trends users can review jobs by a whole range of criteria and generate measurement and production reports. For example, it is easy to look up all jobs on press for a particular shift for each day of the week. It becomes easy to compare the work of different shifts and how press performance is changing over time. Preparing reports for clients takes a few seconds.

Import all the work for the last week by press and compare the make ready-times. There are many ways production managers can use the data to improve press and operator performance.

pressSIGN-Trends watch each reading on press

pressSIGN-Trends allows production managers to review jobs as they are running on press from anywhere on the network. Open the current job and all existing reading will appear in the job window. Click the refresh button to see any new readings as they happen.

pressSIGN Soft Proofing

For more details on soft proofing please see our soft proofing page.

pressSIGN-Trends - monitor and analyze press and operatorerformance

As a database application pressSIGN stores all readings for quick and easy retrieval. The database can be searched by a whole range of criteria such as job name, press, operator, standard, score, comments, make-ready time, date, time etc. Searches can be saved for repeated use. Individual jobs can be re-opened in pressSIGN and the press/operator performance can be analysed not only for the overall performance, but also for all elements of the job; grey balance, dot gain, CMYK primary scores, overprint Lab, trapping.

Multiple jobs can be selected and re-opened in pressSIGN allowing users to examine the day's work on one press for example. Comparisons can be made between day and night shift or a report can be quickly compiled of all the jobs for one client.

pressSIGN-Trends version 9 gives production managers a whole range of opportunities to see objectively how they can improve print quality.

Choose the right press target

Create a specific printing standard with pressSIGN-Trends. All the international printing standards including the paper types are already built into pressSIGN

  • ISO 12647-2 for sheet and web offset
  • ISO 12647-7 for proofing and digital devices
  • ISO 12647-3 for newsprint
  • ISO12647-4 for gravure
  • ISO 12647-6 for flexographic
  • GRACoL 2006 (G7)
Create a new standard from an already measured press sheet. Having read and approved one or more press sheets. Make this a new standard. pressSIGN-Pro has captured the way the press is printing now so with pressSIGN-Pro it is easy to reproduce the same condition when you need to re-run the job. Ideal for reproducing work that is outside any standard or for customers who want to conduct a press pass.

 height=Import an ICC Profile as your press target

It is often easier to match press and proof using a common ICC profile. An ICC profile is used throughout the pre-press workflow and for color accuracy it is often better to use the same profile as the press target. presssIGN makes matching the ICC profile easy but also adds further features to help color matching on press.

  • Import any CMYK or multi-color ICC profile
  • Measure or type in the paper color that will be used to print the job. This will adjust the Lab value targets of the primaries and amend the dot gain. You can then re-calculate the grey balance.
  • Export the adjsuted ICC profile back out of pressSIGN for use in the pre-press workflow.
  • Save this new standard and then generate a new color bar to match the new target.

Use the current readings as a new standard

Some print buyers still want to be at the factory in order to pass the job on press. pressSIGN-Trends allows you to use the current job as a new standard either for the rest of the print run or for any re-runs..

Select the readings that pass the print buyers standards and average those readings in pressSIGN. Save these average readings as a new standard. You can then return to this saved standard at any time and reproduce the job exactly.

Once the standard has been set select the default tolerances or adjust the tolerances to suit. For example you can add or remove tolerances for grey balance, overprint and trapping.

pressSIGN traffic light system

Each reading in pressSIGN is given a score. Select multiple readings for an average score. pressSIGN comes with a default scoring system but users can adjust the scoring to suit their needs. The default percentage for an acceptable print (solid green) is 80%, the production controller can set this percentage to any value required. The other scores will be adjusted to compensate.

Download pressSIGN demo version

Download PDF here