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X-Rite eXact 2

X-Rite eXact 2
X-Rite eXact 2
X-Rite eXact 2
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X-Rite eXact 2
X-Rite eXact 2
X-Rite eXact 2
X-Rite eXact 2
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Next Generation of Color Measurement

Available in three models, eXact 2 reimagines colour measurement with enhanced accuracy and speed, unrivalled non-contact video measurement and zoom technology, onboard Wi-Fi, and fleet management powered by X-Rite Link. eXact 2 also helps printers meet print quality program requirements and industry standards.

Take Accurate Measurements and Inspect Patches with Video Targeting

All eXact 2 models use Mantis video targeting, combined with a high-resolution display that is 30% larger than previous generations, making it easy to find the measurement area. With Digital Loupe, you can quickly zoom to inspect or capture an image to include in your audit trail.

A Pressroom Operator's Best Friend

“We have stringent reporting needs. This is a device we can use press-side and allow the team to work without leaving their area and give us the kind of reporting we need with a user-friendly interface as well.” - Steve Lehning, GR Label

Quickly Scan M0, M1, M2, M3 in a Single Measurement

The eXact 2 Plus can easily toggle between spot and scan measurements using integrated wheels and patch recognition technology, speeding up measurement by 17%. eXact 2 Plus simultaneously measures M0, UV included/ISO 13655:2017; M1, D50/ISO 13655:2017; M2, UV excluded/ISO 13655:2017; and M3 - Polarisation/ISO 13655:2017.

A Connected Ink and Print Workflow

Quickly collect and visualise your colour data to find the information you need when you need it. All eXact 2 models offer on-screen, embedded quality control and quality assurance capabilities and simplified ink workflows. Work faster and more securely anywhere in your facility with onboard WiFi.

eXact 2 is Available in Three Models to Measure a Variety of Substrates

Capture colour measurements on paper with eXact 2; film, poly and foil with eXact 2 Xp; and all ink, print and packaging substrates with eXact 2 Plus.

Get Full Access to X-Rite Link Device Dashboard

Get up-to-date intelligence on device health and service history, plus remotely deploy firmware updates, colour libraries, and standards to your entire fleet with X-Rite Link dashboard.

End-to-End Protection for Peace of Mind

All eXact 2 models include two-years of ISO:9001 compliant NetProfiler verification and comprehensive coverage, including accidental damage protection and a loaner device with a Service Care Plan in regions where applicable.

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