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X-Rite iCPlate II - XT

X-Rite iCPlate II - XT
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X-Rite iCPlate II - XT
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X-Rite iCPlate 2 - Advanced plate densitometer supports additionally to iCPLate II Basic: FM Screening, more plate types, film & paper measurement and more measurement values (Dot size, screen ruling, screen angle) for a more detailed analysis of the screening.

What you get

iCPlate II platereader densitometer
• iCPlate II Target
• Tabwizard II software
• Interface cable
• User guide
• Instrument Certificate
Included Functions of iCPlate - Advanced plate reader
• Dot Area
• Dot Size
• Screen Ruling
• Screen Angle
• Plate characteristic
• Image
• Metal and Polyester Plates
• Positive and Negative Plates
• AM and FM Screening
• RGB illumination
• Paper and Film measurements

The portable iCPlate II from X-Rite solves one of the printing industry’s most difficult challenges quick and accurate quality control for computer-to-plate (CTP) and conventional printing. With its built-in video camera, iCPlate II geometrically analyzes plates so you can quickly see whether plate quality is acceptable before printing the job, identify and correct problems in your plate making process and calibration your CTP devices. The result shorter cycle times and reduced waste.

Quickly and accurately measure conventional and CtP plates
• Automatic calibration eliminates calibration errors, thereby reducing measurement cycles.
• The icon based graphical user interface provides language independent operation with easy to see readings.
• iCPlate’s superior object recognition algorithm eliminates dust and scratches when reading your plate.
• The video camera system, supported by 3 different lamp types, provides the perfect illumination to measure positive and negative plates and AM and FM (option only available with XT version) screening on a wide range of plate types.
• High image resolution provides the visibility needed for analyzing dot area, dot size, screen ruling, screen angle and the plate characteristic curve.
• Get 30,000 measurements from just two 1.5V (AA) batteries thanks to the LED technology.
• Easily import measurement values and plate images directly into an active Windows application for quality tracking purposes with the included TabWizard II software.
• Also includes iCPlate II target, a tool which helps improve accuracy when calibrating the device. This target supports the ISO9000 process by storing and printing the test and calibration data.

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