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X-Rite Intellitrax 2 Spectral (Hardware Only)

X-Rite Intellitrax 2 Spectral (Hardware Only)
5-7 Days
X-Rite Intellitrax 2 Spectral (Hardware Only)
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IntelliTrax S (Spectral) System

The all-new IntelliTrax series is the industry's fastest, smartest line of auto scanning systems for press-side colour control. With two core models and numerous optional enhancements, this series allows sheetfed commercial and folding carton printers to maximize productivity and profitability during make-ready and production.

Intellitrax Feature
• Faster make-ready - Scans the colour bar of a typical press sheet in just 15 seconds
• Improved quality control - Displays real-time measurement results and pinpoints problem areas
• Expanded results reporting - Offers extensive data collection and network capabilities to improve information sharing and integration
• Faster ROI - Saves time and reduces material waste and makes your company more profitable and more competitive.

What You Get
• Intellitrax unit
• Choice of 29inch (737mm), 32 inch (813mm) or 40 inch (1016mm)
• Choice of small aperture (for patch size greater than 2.0mm in height) or standard aperture (for patch size greater than 3.2mm in height)
• Vacuum pump assembly
• Interconnection cables & electronic documentation
• One Year warranty
• FREE Technical Support

Colour Measurement Capabilities of the Intellitrax S System
• Colour & colour difference (DeltaE & Lab)
• Spectral Density and Dot
• Paper Colour

Look-ahead sensor
The IntelliTrax scanning head incorporates an advanced, imaging technology that steers the head as it scans. As the scanner moves east/west, this look-ahead sensor views north/south, helping the system find the colour bar faster. This feature means that crooked or fanned out colour bar images don't pose a problem.

Networkable system
IntelliTrax is designed to be linked to other X-Rite IntelliTrax systems on local- or wide-area networks. When multiple systems are networked, job information and colour standards are located centrally and are always up to date. Managers can access press settings for multiple presses or plants. They can also view pressrun summary information or review the history of an entire project.

Rugged construction
With an industrial head design and extremely durable components, IntelliTrax is built to withstand the harsh pressroom environment and to operate one, two or three shifts a day.

CIP4 compatible
To simplify and expedite system setup and workflow integration, IntelliTrax supports the use of the industry's CIP4 and JDF data standards. This enables faster set-up and accurate job information such as ink rotation, colour specification, job identification or paper stock.

IntelliTrax S is an intelligent total solution for four-colour and spot colour printing. It's ideal for those companies who want to reduce their make-ready times down to a minimum. To help improve prouctivity even more you can add the Intellitrax ICC option to the system

Other recommended equipment
X-Rite recommends the X-Rite 530 portable spectrodenistometer as an essential add-on to the Intellitrax S System. For further details visit the web page.

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