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Brand: Epson
EPSON SURECOLOR SC-P8000 STD Photo Printer and ProoferWide colour gamutFeaturing an UltraChrome HD eight-colour pigment ink-set, the SC-P8000 STD delivers 93% of Pantone®-certified colours to create superior-quality, highly-accurate results with bright, vivid colours. For stunning prints, an Advance..
£2,875.00 £3,075.00
Brand: Epson
EPSON SURECOLOR SC-P9000 Violet Spectro 44" Inkjet Printer to create the most accurate colours on the marketFeaturing an UltraChrome HDX ten-colour pigment ink-set with Violet ink instead of Light Light Black, the SC-P9000 Violet Spectro enables the production of 99% of Pantone® -certified2 colours ..
£4,677.00 £4,977.00
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